Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is LEA ?

LEA  stands for Legal Engineer Assistant. It is a revolutionary legal research assistant that helps you in drafting legal and business forms, writing case summaries, understanding legal terminology in contracts or documents and doing extensive legal research. It can also refer you to an attorney when you need one!

What is MyLegalWhiz?

MyLegalWhiz ( is a revolutionary legal knowledge and research assistance platform that focuses on context and structure of legal content. It is the only legal intelligence technology that has pioneered an on-demand concierge legal research and guidance service known as LEATM (Legal Engineer Assistant).

Is this app part of MyLegalWhiz?

Yes. The website and the  LEA  app are  part of MyLegalWhiz ( The LEA app is the iOS app version of, (credits). 

If I sign up in, am I automatically signed up to the LEA app

Yes. The LEA app is the iOS version of credits.

What is the Reference section?

Reference is your vast online library where you can search for Philippines cases, laws, selected administrative issuances and other useful legal materials.

What is the Keywords section?

Keywords are your shortcut to finding relevant legal references in relation to specific legal topics or doctrines.

What is the Knowledge section?

Knowledge is your organized notes on all areas of legal subject matter, complete with citations and interlinked topics.

What is the Legal Forms section?

Legal forms are your searchable warehouse of legal and business forms which are made available in word file to make it easier for you to fill up and edit to suit your case.